Plastic Alternatives

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

What can you use instead of plastics? Here's a list of the many things that we can use that reduce our footprint on the environment:

Instead of plastic containers, use...

Replace plastic containers with glass containers. You can find these online or at a variety of stores. While buying them online may seem like a great, easy way to obtain these containers, you can also reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing them locally at Carroll Drug Store, Mc Eachern & Hutchins, Hannaford, Walmart, or Target. It takes less carbon to buy them yourself than to have them shipped to you.

Instead of plastic bags, use...

Purchase canvas, cloth or other reusable bags. You can buy them at local supermarkets or make them yourself out of old tee-shirts.

Instead of plastic bottles and cups, use...

Buy glass or metal bottles. You can but them online, at a supermarket, or you can repurpose old soda bottles and glass mason jars.

Instead of plastic tape, use...

There is a type of Japanese paper tape called Washi tape. This tape works just as well as normal tape and comes in many fun colors and patterns.

Instead of plastic straws, use...

Try out metal or paper straws. You can find these online or at Walmart, Target, Hannaford, etc. If you buy reusable straws, they're easy to wash and can be used for a long time.

Instead of a plastic hair brush, use...

Try using a wooden brush instead. Many companies produce great wooden hair brushes that work just as well as any other brush.


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